A New Era of Security

Banks, insurance. The sending of fictitious or retouched documents costs billions of euros in loss each year.

Security Audits

Receive alerts on transferred documents. The persuasive effect further reduces fraud.

Vulnerability Prevention

The document transfer is 100% secure. Personal data is protected

Security Analysis

Our algorithm detects pixel errors and the slightest touch-up on documents

About document transfer

Security Solutions & Services

No longer receive documents from your customers by email but sending your PleaseSend link. No longer worry about the risk of fraud.

We have already checked your documents.


What We Offer

No more worries and no more financial risks!

Send a transfer link as on we-transfer, and receive your documents verified!

Security Analysis

Our artificial intelligence detects 90% of fraud. We only indicate the risks for the 10% uncertainty.

Security Services

Sending and receiving documents is done by sending dedicated links to customers. Like whatsapp or wetransfer messaging

Security Solutions

All transfers are secure and private data protected against fishing


Our Approach to the analyse

By feeding our artificial intelligence with real and fake documents, we made him understand by deep learning technology how to detect fraud.
First vertically by feeding the AI ​​of documents of the same origin. The number of data then became sufficient to detect fraud horizontally. That is to say on documents of origins unknown to our AI.

Invest now

We will thus become the first reference in banking and insurance.

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