Leo Martelli Kinany


CEO Co-founder PleaseSend

CEO Co- founder Corsican tech

CEO Co-founder BKM Consulting

CEO Co-founder SAS BOWKR


After 6 years at the head of the company Bowkr, leo had the opportunity to know the problem of falsification of documents.

Creator of the BKM-Webconsulting agency, he is currently developing projects whose core technology is deep learning.

This is how the idea of ​​creating this solution came about.

Antoine Bervoet


CEO Co-founder PleaseSend

CEO Co-founder BKM Consulting


A software engineer by training, Antoine graduated from a BTS IRIS and then a Master in Information Technology at SUPINFO.

He has several years of ESN experience in Sophia Antipolis (CGI), during which he was able to contribute technically to many projects for large customers of the company (Vinci, Thalès Space, Sanofi, Amadeus …) as well as in Internal R&D.

During these years, he assumed various roles ranging from the collection of customer needs, to the drafting of technical specifications, costing, application development, design of complete solutions, code audits, software maintenance.

This led him to develop a broad vision of the IT engineering profession and to be very versatile whatever the task required, the development framework or language.

Company headquarters

BKM WEBConsulting

Leo Martelli Kinany 


SIRET (the head office) 85302558300016

1 rue Saint-Roch 20200 Bastia
Haute-Corse France

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