Driven by deep learning technology, our artificial intelligence at the service of the transfer and verification of non-falsification of official documents.

Insurance group, banks, credit organizations, real estate agencies,

The falsification of documents causing billions of financial losses.

Security Audits

Receive alerts on transferred documents. The persuasive effect further reduces fraud.

Security Analysis

Our algorithm detects pixel errors and the slightest touch-up on document

Vulnerability Prevention

The document transfer is 100% secure. Personal data is protected


Secure messaging interface

Invite your customers to send you documents via secure and easy-to-use messaging. Sharing links are created for each client and the documents are analyzed by our artificial intelligence during the transfer.


Share documents with your clients, we analyze them during the transfer

You no longer have to control your documents, we do the work for you with a success rate of 90%.
In case of doubt, we warn of suspicion


Verification of documents during transfer 

Our artificial intelligence through deep learning technology is trained to recognize any falsification made to a document

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We will thus become the first reference in banking and insurance.

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